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Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador Film & Photography Production Services

Are you a media company, brand, ad agency or production company looking for film / photography production support or shooting crew in Newfoundland and Labrador? We have fully vetted, locally based fixers, service producers, directors, DP’s, videographers, cameramen, photographers, sound operators, production drivers, and a range of other film crew. Contact us for referrals, questions, cost estimates and references.

Want to know more about shooting in Newfoundland and Labrador? See below for an introduction to Newfoundland and Labrador locations, permits, when to shoot, talent, crew, equipment, tax incentives, and film friendly hotels.

Film Locations Newfoundland and Labrador

The easternmost province of Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador consists of the island of Newfoundland and mainland Labrador. Newfoundland and Labrador are known for their rugged Atlantic coastline, lighthouses, floating icebergs, otherworldly national parks, waterfalls, mountains, deep fjords, bays, sandy beaches, and picturesque fishing villages.

Of particular interest to filmmakers and photographers are Gros Morne National Park, Torngat Mountains National Park, Terra Nova National Park, Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve, Codroy Valley, the Fogo and Change Islands, Battle Harbour, and the picturesque coastal communities of Bonavista, Brigus, Cupids, Trinity, Twillingate, and St Pierre and Miquelon. L’Anse Aux Meadows is an ancient Viking village in northern Newfoundland. S.S. Kyle is a shipwreck available for film shoots. St John’s is the largest city in Newfoundland and one of the oldest in North America.

Wildlife found in Newfoundland and Labrador include moose, caribou, puffins and whales.

Newfoundland and Labrador have hosted films including The Shipping News and Diverted as well as the TV series Republic of Doyle.

Newfoundland and Labrador Film Location Permits

Newfoundland and Labrador film location permits are required for filming in historic sites, Provincial Parks, and National Parks. Permits for public spaces in St John’s may also be required depending on the size and scope of the shoot. Filming on Inuit and First Nations lands also requires consultation and permission from local authorities. Please contact us for location specific information.

When To Shoot?

Spring (April – May) is a good time to photograph icebergs and whales. Summer (June – August) offers long, mild, sunny shoot days. Fall (September – October) brings colorful leaves. Winter (November – March) is very cold and snowy. The Aurora Borealis is best photographed from September to March, particularly up in Labrador.

Cain’s Quest Snowmobile Endurance Race takes places in March.

Newfoundland and Labrador Tax Incentives For Filming

Tax Incentives. Newfoundland and Labrador offer a refundable tax credit of up to 40% of qualifying local labor spend. This can be added to the Canada Federal Tax Incentive which is 16% on qualifying Canadian labor spend.

Newfoundland and Labrador Film Crew & Talent

Crews can be flown in from Toronto or Montreal. Canadian crews are very experienced in working in cold and challenging conditions.

Contact us if you are looking for a director, DP, photographer, videographer (cameraman / camera operator), camera assistant (focus puller), sound operator, grip, gaffer, stylist, hair and makeup, PA / runner, production driver, or any other film crew for your shoot in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Talent. Newfoundland has a distinctive, Maritime culture, shaped greatly by its Irish and English heritage.

Newfoundland and Labrador Film Equipment

Some local camera, grip and lighting available locally. Otherwise, easy to bring in with you. Toronto and Montreal have specialised equipment if you need to rent.

Newfoundland and Labrador Film-Friendly Accommodation

Accommodation. Please contact us for recommended film friendly hotels in St John’s, Gander and other areas of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Final Notes

Down Time. Screech-in. Kiss the cod.

Projects. For an example of TV commercials, stills campaigns, online content, corporate videos, virtual reality 360 content, feature films, TV series and documentaries shot in Newfoundland and Labrador, please see below:

Hire Newfoundland and Labrador Production Support & Shooting Crew

If you are looking for a film or photographic production service company, line producer or fixer for your shoot in Newfoundland and Labrador, please contact us.

If you are looking for a shooting crew for your shoot in Newfoundland and Labrador, such as a director, DoP, photographer, videographer (cameraman / camera operator), camera assistant (focus puller), sound operator, grip, gaffer, stylist, hair and makeup, PA / runner, production driver, please contact us.

We are able to provide you with answers, references and bids quickly.