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Film Location: Puebla, Mexico

Written on September 14, 2017


Puebla is best known for its beautiful colonial architecture, rich culinary history, art schools, and impressive ceramics. It is the fourth largest city in Mexico. Locations of interest to visiting productions include:

Historic Downtown. Puebla Cathedral is a baroque-style structure with tall bell towers. It overlooks the Zócalo central square, the heart of the historic downtown, known for its colonial architecture, narrow cobbled streets, busy restaurants, beautiful trees, and grand fountain.
Churches. Church of San Cristóbal. Church of San Francisco. Rosario Chapel. The churches of Tonantzintla and Acatepec are lavishly decorated.
Museums & Galleries. The International Museum of the Baroque is a beautiful modern museum. Biblioteca Palafoxiana is the first public library in the Americas. Container City is known for its galleries, restaurants, bars, cafes, and vintage shops. Other museums of note include the Regional Museum of Puebla, Amparo Museum, and Museo Casa de Alfeñique.
Tunnels. The Puebla tunnels are a system of tunnels that extend for more than 10 km.
Markets. Victoria Market is known for its stained-glass dome. Parian Market attracts tourists. Acocota Market and Melchor Ocampo Market are more where the locals shop.
Food & Drink. Puebla is famous for its mole poblano, chiles en nogada, and mezcal. Check out El Mural de los Poblanos.
And MoreHotel La Purificadora is a modern location. The Star of Puebla is a large ferris wheel also available for filming. Just outside of the city, you can find Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Church with the snow-covered active Popocatépetl volcano behind it.

Puebla Mexico Film Fixers, Service Companies, & Shooting Crew

Puebla is located a short 2 hour drive southeast of Mexico City, Mexico’s main film production centre where most crew and equipment are based.

Contact us if you are looking for Mexico City or Puebla based film fixers, production service producers, and film / photography crew including directors, DoPs, videographers, cameramen, stills photographers, drone operators.