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Film Location: Relais Villa La Trinità, Italy

Written on March 20, 2019

Relais Villa La Trinità

Relais Villa La Trinità is a historic home from the 1800s with a private park of 20 hectares of oaks, cedars and hazels. The estate is located in an area of ​​recognized archaeological value of the Tuscia viterbese, set between the ancient consular road Cassia and the Via Francigena, just 45 minutes from Rome.

The elegant accommodation enjoys a hillside position with panoramic views, a large garden (boxwoods, lavender, rosemary, roses), swimming pool and long avenues of pine and cypress trees. An elegant double use of concentric hedges in boxwood, an essence that strongly characterizes our garden, frames the emerging finds of the Roman period.

The villa retains the charm of an ancient country residence, renovated and furnished with period furniture, enhanced by original terracotta floors and coffered ceilings that create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. Particularly suggestive is the area of ​​the old cellars now recovered.

The availability of large areas for the stop of trucks, equipment and catering, a few meters from the villa but shielded from view, were particularly appreciated by directors and production companies with whom we collaborated.

The variety of solutions offered by the large garden and the park, the strong typification of the villa and the suggestions evoked by the interiors make Relais Villa La Trinità the ideal set for the creation of advertising campaigns and film shoots.

Accommodation for visiting crews is available at the location. Alternatively, Relais Sans Souci & SPA is an 8min drive away.

Rome, a 45 min drive away, is the closest major production centre where Italian film crew and equipment are based.


Between 1872 and 1874 our great-grandfather, Vincenzo Nicolini, and his brother Luigi bought the maquis of the Holy Trinity and part of the area named Querce d’Orlando (Orlando’s Oaks), mentioned on the Tabula Peutingeriana (III/IV century a.D.).

“Vincenzo and his brother Luigi then set about bonificating the land by planting avenues of cypress and pine trees. Although no design or map has survived, undoubtedly they planted the whole park (there is mention of 1 million pine trees) between 1894-5….The continuity in the placement of trees and avenues makes the park a single corpus”.*

In this same park in 1889 a magnificent marble sarcophagus of the Seasons or of the Ghirlande (120 a.D.) was found inside a mausoleum. On the lid it depicted scenes of the myth of Teseo and Arianna and the seasons. It is nowadays preserved at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

A nenfro bas-relief with gladiators in battle also came from this site and, after gracing the courtyard at Viterbo Civic Museum, was hidden away in the storerooms of the city’s Archeological Museum at Rocca Albornoz.

It wasn’t until 1892 that Vincenzo enlarged the manor house built on the remains of an ancient construction to form its current shape according to his own project.

Our Family scrupulously restored the villa redolent of past times to offer present-day comfort, as well as the 20 hectares park, enhancing its historical value and landscape significance in order to maintain and strengthen its fascination as an early XX Century romantic park, adding characteristics by buxus and viburnum bushes and laurel trees.

We have been sensitively imbibed with our great-grand father’s inspiration revealing our family identity through our property and we are now guardians of a tradition that we will pass on to our children.

* La Trinità, The Archeological and Historical Importance of the area Known as La Trinità and Querce d’Orlando, Dr. Mary Jane Cryan, 1998.


We are committed to making our relais more and more “eco”, a tailor-made stay solution is attention to the impact on the environment and on one’s own well-being. We have chosen eco-friendly materials and finishes and we are working on energy efficiency. Relais Villa la Trinità is a certified “Elettrosmog – Free” facility, free from electromagnetic pollution.

Film Permits

Relais Villa La Trinità has been used for filming many Italian TV series, two advertising campaigns, and Ferragamo’s SS19 campaign.

Full control of the the location is possible. Drone filming is allowed.

There are no block-off dates for filming.

Permission to film and costs will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Relais Villa La Trinità’s team are available on-site to solve any problems and assist with any requests.


For bookings and other enquiries, please contact:

Piergiorgio Catti De Gasperi
Relais Villa La Trinità