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Film & Photography Service Companies & Fixers: Iraq – Baghdad, Basra, & Mosul

We refer film and photography service companies and fixers based in Baghdad, Basra, and Mosul, Iraq. Referrals are tailored to the specific requirements of each project.

If you require location permitting and production support in Iraq (or multiple countries), please email us here with the below information:

– Do you have the project awarded or are you in the pitching stage?
– What is the project name / title?
– Project type?  Do you have a project synopsis / creative brief?  Subject matter?  That will narrow down the best fixer for the project.
– What are your shoot dates?
– How many prep days and how many shoot days?  If indoor / studio, prelight?
– Location shot list?  Please be specific on what you’re looking to shoot, access required, and who is to arrange this.
– Talent brief?
– If featured talent is required then:
• Buyout requirements for territory, time length and media?
• Composition of talent – (Age, gender, race)?
• How many mains, featured and extras?
• How many days for each talent?
• Dialogue required? What language / accent?
– Who is coming from your side and how many? What passport/s are they travelling on?
– List of all local crew required?
– Language requirements?
– Local equipment required?  What equipment are you bringing in?
– Local travel requirements?
– Accommodation requirements?
– Meal requirements?
– Wardrobe and art department requirements? Will we provide or you bring?
– Do you have any particular budget restrictions?  Important we know this as it will narrow options.

We will be able to quickly get back to you with answers, references, cost estimates, and availability of the right production support for your shoot.