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Filming in Juba, South Sudan

Written on August 16, 2017

Filming In Juba

Situated on the White Nile, Juba is the capital and largest city of the Republic of South Sudan. War has left many roads and the river harbour in disrepair. The city is currently undergoing rebuilding efforts.


The bustling city of Juba is one of the world’s youngest cities with almost half of its inhabitants under the age of 14. Juba is home to around 60 indigenous ethnic groups with the main ones being the Dinka, Luo, and Nuer people.

Juba Film Permits

Given the high level of political and security unrest, the permitting process in Juba and indeed all of South Sudan continues to be in a constant state of flux. Drone filming is illegal one day, and permitted the next. Much depends on taking an approach which is respectful to the demands of the Media Authority and other relevant decision makers. In another instances, taking a more low-key approach will yield better results in getting you the footage you require.

If you wish to film with a drone, a detailed application must be made with the Media Authority who will then clear it with National Security before issuing a filming permit.

For a Juba filming permit application the following information must be included about your shoot:

• Name of production company/agency

  • • Name, address, and phone number of local Juba fixer
  • • Title of Film
  • • Format (video, 8, 16, 35mm)
  • • Duration of film on the screening
  • • Intended audience
  • • Shooting schedule
  • • Number of days
  • • Location and dates of shooting (be as specific as possible) e.g. 6-8th Juba; 8th -10th Leer, etc)
  • • Estimated total budget of the film ($ or SSP)
  • • Number of expatriates artists (on camera presenter=1)
  • • Number of expatriates film crew (director, producer, cameraman, etc)
  • • Type of construction/improvisation on locations
  • • Equipment to be imported (put this comprehensive list on a separate piece of paper for customs purposes)
  • • Equipment to be hired locally
  • • Raw film / video stock
  • • Type of accommodation, hotel, guest house, camping, etc
  • • Name of Hotel
  • • Approximate time for depositing the final copy of the film
  • • Special requests, if any

Juba Fixers & Camera Crew

If you are looking for a Juba based South Sudan fixer to help you navigate the complicated permitting process, please contact us to connect you. Bringing in crew and equipment can be problematic. We are also able to recommend Juba based directors, DoP’s, videographers, photographers, and drone pilots to shoot the project for you.