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Profile Confirmation & Next Steps

As a global network, the more you get involved, the sooner we will get a project out to you. See below for a detailed list of proactive steps you can take to help us bring a job to you:

1. Brand Clients. Send us a list of the main global and local brands, associations, and charities that have a presence or interest in your country. We will use this information to approach these clients with pitches specific to bringing shoots to your part of the world.

2. Unique Local Stories. We connect our brand clients around the world with unique local stories that match their brand narrative. Send us any interesting stories, characters, events, or new locations that you would like us to pitch for you. Note, we apply strict terms to make sure your ideas are protected and seen by the right people.

3. When You Travel. If you’re interested in picking up work while you’re abroad, keep us informed of your travel plans. We’re always looking for talented camera crew and production support, particular in under-serviced countries, and our clients love it when we save them on having to fly over a team.

4. Country Page. Take a quick look at your country page information and let us know if you see any need for updates.

5. Location Promotion. Any time you shoot in an interesting location you’d like the world to know about, send in those details here. Eg: Locations that double for other locations, unique locations, etc.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a phone call to clarify anything, please email us.