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Camera Crew Frequently Asked Questions

What is Emerge Film Solutions?

We are a curated global network of locally based content producers, fixers, and camera crews.

Production departments at brands, media companies, advertising agencies, and production companies contact us when they are looking for local production support and camera crews for their next shoot.

Projects include but are not limited to TV commercials, stills campaigns, online content, corporate videos, feature films, TV series, documentaries, and smaller fast-turnaround shoots such as b-roll and interviews.

Projects come from longstanding clients, network members, and our strong presence on online search engines.

What are the benefits of joining the network?

The world is full of opportunity. Our global network relationships allow us to put you forward for projects from all over the world.

The business is changing. Our focus is on projects working directly with brands, an approach which has the best growth and profit potential.

Chasing enquiries from unvetted sources can be a big waste of time. It’s the Wild West out there! As a network, we work to vet all enquiries, so that we’re matching the right crew with the right project.

Next time you’re looking to shoot abroad, you’re welcome to access our global network for advice, as well as local production support and camera crew referrals. We also offer a free online resource covering all of the major elements you ought to consider when planning a shoot abroad.

What does it cost?

There are no registration fees to be considered for work. Fees we charge clients are independent of your fees.

If I’m not paying fees, how do I help you bring me work?

The more engaged you are, the more you get out of it.

Network member camera crews both service our projects and refer projects into the collective. With each member bringing in new client and crew connections, you’re helping build a global network of possible projects.

Many of our projects are brand narrative shoots working directly for brands. As such, we count on you to bring us unique local stories that we match with our brand clients around the world. Our processes ensure that your ideas are properly seen and protected. If you’re interested in working more directly with global brands, get proactive and pitch us your idea today.

See here for a detailed list of steps you can take to help us bring a project to you.

If I fill in the form will my personal information be made public?

No. Your information will not be publicly listed. Your profile information is stored in our internal database that only our in-house producers have access to when working to match your information with suitable projects.

This form has so many questions. Why is that?

In order to do the deep searches required to find our clients the perfect crew for their job, we need to have access to a range of important information.

I noticed you ask about day rates. I often package rates based on the entirety of a shoot. Will I be held to the rates I provide you?

No. The day rate is just to give us a rough idea of your acceptable payment range. That way we are not wasting your time with projects that don’t have the budget.

As for the final agreed budget and other contract terms, that will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

I already have exclusive representation in some markets. Will that be a problem?

It’s absolutely fine if you have one or more representatives. Our job is to be nimble and creative in providing our clients with a diverse selection of options from around the world. We do not want to be limited to any particular roster.

If you prefer we contact you for projects through a particular representative or producer, the registration form has a section to include their contact information.

I travel regularly. What do I put as my home-base?

Excellent! You are the exact kind of person we are looking for… a worldly, curious, digital nomad, with a passport and a great eye for shooting stories be they at home or abroad.

For now, just include the location you are based in most of the year. Please make sure to regularly update us with your travel plans and we will put you forward for work in those countries. We’re always looking for talented shooters, particular in under-serviced countries, and our clients love it when we save them on travel costs by hiring locally.

You’re asking for my client’s contact information?

As our clients often say: Anyone can be anyone on the internet! As such, it is important that we thoroughly vet all crew we put forward for projects.

Please note, your client’s contact information will not be shared with any third parties without your express permission.

Tell me more about how my profile data will be used?

For more information see our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. By submitting your profile you are agreeing to these terms.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a phone call to clarify anything, please email us.

Curious, how did you find me?

We have an existing relationship, or someone in our network recommended you, or one of our team came across your work and we have upcoming projects we would like to put you forward for.

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

If you’re a director, director of photography, videographer, cameraman, or stills photographer interested in seeing projects from our network, please take a moment to fill in your information here.