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Film Location: Cinder Cone Volcano, California

Written on October 3, 2017

Cinder Cone Volcano

Cinder Cone Volcano is located in Lassen Volcanic National Park, California. Rising to 750 feet (230 m), Cinder Cone is an extinct volcano with a perfect cone. The summit of Cinder Cone Volcano has a crater with a double rim. Surrounded by the Fantastic Lava Beds, Snag Lake and Butte Lake, the top of Cinder Cone Volcano offers spectacular shots of the Painted Dunes, Brokeoff Mountain, Lassen Peak, and Chaos Crags.

Lassen Volcanic National Park is also home to spectacular natural sites including Bumpass Hell, Sulphur Works, Lassen National Forest, Manzanita Lake, Mount Tehama, Kings Creek Falls, Brokeoff Mountain, Lassen Peak, and Chaos Crags.

Drakesbad Guest Ranch, is the closest full-service accommodation, located a 2hr drive away from Cinder Cone Volcano. More basic camping facilities are located at Butte Lake, a 10min walk to the base of Cinder Cone Volcano. Both accommodation options are only open June through September, weather pending.

The main roads in the park are paved, although many are closed by snow except from June until September.

Cinder Cone Volcano is a 5.5hr drive from San Francisco, the closest major production centre where crew and equipment are based. Sacramento is a 4hr drive away. The closest airport is at Redding, a 2hr drive away.

Cinder Cone Volcano Film Permits

All commercial filming requires a Commercial Filming Permit. Still photography require a permit if photography is to take place in areas off-limits to the public, or if parks authorities would incur costs to monitor activity, or if photography involves models /  sets, or props. News coverage does not require a permit. Film and photography permits and location fees timing and costs depend on the size and scope of the production. Contact the National Parks Service for more information. 

Northern California Fixer, Service Producer, & Film Crew

If you are looking for a Northern California based fixer or service producer to arrange your film or photography production at Cinder Cone Volcano or anywhere else in Northern California, contact us. If you are looking for shooting crew such as a director, DoP, videographer, or stills photographer, contact us.