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Green Production Solutions

Written on September 21, 2016

Create Green

As an industry with perhaps the greatest ability to guide culture and human behaviour towards a greener way of living, it is our responsibility to create work that glorifies and makes green thinking second nature. Be it a scene with characters embracing new bright green technology, such as self driving cars, or something less exciting, like taking out the recycling, by making these scenes ubiquitous, we are helping make green attitudes the norm. We have an important role to play.

Beyond the work that shapes the world, it is also our duty to behave responsibly in the course of creating that work. If you have not yet adopted a policy of green best practices, consider this checklist…

In The Office

• Use environmentally friendly office supplies such as green cleaning agents, recycled paper towels, and eco-friendly printer cartridges.
• Keep it digital. Between email and file sharing programmes, there is little need to print. If you must print, then use recycled paper and print on both sides. Recycle paper afterwards.
• Reduce unnecessary travel with conference calls.
• Only use reusable water bottles, plates, cups and cutlery.
• Use filtered water instead of bottled water.
• Serve drinks in glasses, not cans. Buy snacks in bulk.
• Set up recycling and compost bins.
• Use energy efficient electronics and appliances. Power down equipment when not in use.
• Recycle, donate or sell usable electronics, office supplies, and furniture.
• Where appropriate, encourage your team to carpool, use public transport or to ride a bike.

On Set

• Use biodegradable or reusable water bottles, straws, plates, cups and cutlery. Avoid plastics and styrofoam.
• Set up recycling bins for cans and bottles. Have one of your PA’s responsible for overseeing this.
• Have craft services serve organic, seasonal and locally-grown. It’s better for your team’s health and reduces your carbon footprint. Avoid serving red meat and shrimp and other foods that are bad for the environment.
• Donate unserved food.
• Use energy efficient electronics and appliances, including LEDs where possible.
• Use biodiesel generators.
• Favour using fuel efficient vehicles.
• Reuse, donate, or recycle sets, props and wardrobe.
• Ask the art department if they can use organic, recycled or left over paints. Recycle or donate what is not used.
• Ask set construction if they can use FSC-certified, recycled or left over lumber and reusable construction materials.
• Ask wardrobe if they can use clothing made from organically-grown fibers and to use eco-friendly cleaning services. Reuse or donate clothing.
• Stay at green-friendly hotels. By holding your vendors accountable, you’re slowly helping to change the culture.

How Green Is Emerge Film Solutions?

As a global network with locally based shooting crews all over the world, our clients are able to get the footage they need, without the high financial and environmental costs of flying everyone. In employing an efficient use of technology and local solutions, we are doing our bit to lower the carbon footprint of global filming, without compromising on quality.

On the local level, we always work to apply the above guidelines to shoots our network members are involved in.

Being health-conscious hippies at heart, we even have an eco-friendly forest cabin workspace location you can read more about here.

Make A Difference

If you’re a brand looking to make difference in the world, here is a list of urgent environmental issues, by country.

Contact us for help setting up your production.