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Film Location: Bled and Bohinj, Slovenia

Written on February 10, 2016

Production Service Support in Bled and Bohinj, Slovenia.

Filming in Bled:

The charming town of Bled is located 54km from Ljubljana, where the local crew and equipment come from, and 33km from the Jože Pučnik Airport. It features an exquisite 2km by 1.4 km Lake Bled with an island in the middle and makes for a most beautiful filming location. An old castle sits on a steep cliff above lake Bled, offering spectacular views of the lake itself, its island, and the surrounding mountains, mirrored in the water. Boat rides with the special ‘Pletna’ boats are a treat on its own, with an oarsman explaining everything there is to know about Bled and its history, while taking you to the one true island in Slovenia.

Location permits are quick and easy to obtain. Although getting permits for shooting at/from the island of Bled is very hard, it is not impossible. It is limited to exceptions such as promotion of tourism, for example.

The nearby airport in Lesce, is located only 4km from Bled, features a hangar and possibilities for panoramic flights. There is also an option to rent out a helicopter for extreme shots over the picturesque Bled lake and the surrounding mountains.

Emerge_BLED_Jost_Gantar (1)

Filming in Bohinj:

Under no circumstance must you stop only at Bled. You will find the town of Bohinj just around the corner, it is only a 26km drive from Bled. Bohinj, with its Lake Bohinj surrounded by high mountains, is much less crowded and in many ways maybe even more authentic than Bled. The crystal-clear water of Lake Bohinj is perfect for underwater shooting of fashion and other commercials.

Remaining faithful to tradition, this region features typical hayracks, old farmhouses, and charming villages. Numerous off-road tracks, stone and forest roads are ideal filming locations for car commercials, lifestyle and beauty scenes, and – you will have to admit – once you have visited Bohinj, you will surely return.

Just above Bohinj is the mountain of Vogel, accessible by cable car and/or helicopter. With its well preserved nature, forests, green pastures with cows grazing in the summer, and rocky landscapes all around, Vogel offers many sites for the filming of extreme sports; and the picturesque nature makes for an ideal location to film lifestyle and beauty editorials, travel and tourism videos, etc. Vogel is a well visited ski resort, so it is very fitting for filming of anything to do with skiing and/or snowboarding. Filming is possible all year round.

Emerge_BOHINJ_Jost_Gantar (2)

Bled and Bohinj offer numerous locations ranging from some of the world’s most picturesque natural scenes to mini villages that could be interesting for any type of filming. Locations of particular interest include Bled Castle, lake shores, ‘Pletna’ boats, beautiful stony river banks along the road from Bled to Bohinj, picturesque villages, small local churches, cable car stations, ski cabins, ski slopes, meadows, forests, golf courses, beautiful 19th century villas, and summer residences.

Ljubljana production service support: Fixers, service producers and shooting crew.

Crew and equipment. Ljubljana is the main production center a 54km drive away.

Accommodation. Bled offers a wide range of hotels for crew housing. Hotels of note in Bled include Hotel Triglav, Hotel Lovec, and Grand Hotel Toplice. In Bohinj the best place to stay is Park Eco Hotel. Featuring a wellness and spa area, the luxurious 4-star Superior Bohinj Park Eco Hotel is an oasis of peace and comfort set at the edge of Triglav National Park, 6.5 km from Bohinj Lake and 20 km from Bled Lake. It offers accommodation with interior decoration made of natural materials, boasting panoramic views of the Julian Alps.

If you are looking for film production service support including fixers, service producers or shooting crew for your shoot in Beld, Bohinj or anywhere else in Slovenia, please contact us.


Content courtesy of Pakt Media
Images courtesy of Jost Gantar