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Fixers & Camera Crew For Unique High End Adventure Experiences

Written on December 5, 2018

Fixers & Camera Crew

We are a distributed global network of locally based fixers and camera crews. With a team in every country around the world, clients get in touch when they’re looking for a local to arrange any kind of unique experience. No request is too outlandish, too complicated, or too expensive.

Clientele Case Studies:

Executive Adventure

A team-building experience of executives head to the remote and challenging jungles of South America. A series of first-ever experiences await them… The adventure starts with a nights sleep on a portaledge on the top of a spectacular unexplored mountain. We then rappel from a helicopter down the side of massive waterfall into a remote jungle village. The next days are spent learning the local customs and jungle survival, including catching our own food. We then head to the river rapids for a challenging white-water rafting adventure. At the end of it all awaits a banquet catered by a Michelin star chef.

“Being in that environment I saw another side of people I have worked with for years. We solved problems together. We grew closer as a team. I learned a lot about my own leadership by observing the methods of the tribe elders. By the end of the trip I even found a local investment opportunity.”

Discretion was key in filming. Secret cameras and drones recorded the experience. A week after they came home our clients were surprised with a personalised film for each individual’s experience.

Survivor Experience

Located on a deserted South Pacific destination, our crew arranged a Survivor experience including team challenges and lessons on how to survive with only what’s available locally. Contestants included a hand-picked mix of high-powered executives, celebrities, survivalists, and regular people.

“The challenging environment teaches you a lot about yourself. As does going through the experience with those outside of your every-day bubble. Diversity of people gives you a better perspective in business and in life”

Filming followed a similar format to the TV show. A copy of their episode was given to each client.

The Proposal

A spontaneous act of love saw our client’s fiancé following a series of clues that took her from a private jet to the base of a volcano where she meets our client. The two hike up to the volcano cone where a hot air balloon awaited them inside. Oysters and champagne at 2,000 feet.

“She said yes!”

Filming was discrete. Live action was required in the lead up to the meeting so the client could see his fiancé’s moves.

Bond, James Bond

We closed a European city street to film a Bond action scene, with the client as the star. After we wrapped the real adventure started when a team of bad guys kidnapped our hero. The next 48 hours saw our hero solve a series of problems to save the day.

“Best experience ever”

Who was in on it and who was just another member of the public? Only we know. Filming involved both feature-film quality shots for the action scene portion, and hidden camera filming for the kidnapping onward, including use of security camera footage. The final film is an edit of the two.

Your Unique Adventure

Whether you’re a client looking to deal directly and discretely, or the personal assistant of said client, or a boutique concierge service charged with arranging experiences for high-end clients, contact us for your next unique adventure.