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Where To Film Snow In July / August?

Written on July 6, 2017

Film Snow In July / August

Advertisers looking to shoot snow in July / August have several options to consider.

For projects that require polar exploration locations of flat snow-covered landscapes, the options are limited. Antarctica is deep in winter, with little to no daylight and temperatures recorded as low as −89°C (−129°F). Staying in the Southern Hemisphere, some glacier and mountain locations (above the tree line) in New Zealand, Chile, or Argentina can be used to fake polar looks. Productions looking to film polar exploration locations in July / August in the Northern Hemisphere are going to need to head to the Arctic Ocean Ice Sheet or the interior of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Both are very remote and difficult locations to access. As the ice sheets continue to melt, distances to film locations will grow further still. Filming in these areas is prohibitively expensive. There are no population centres to base in. Even far north settlements such as Alert in Nunavut which has snow coverage for 10 months of the year (except July / August), is not a reliable location for this kind of shoot. Everywhere south of that has melted snow including elsewhere in CanadaAlaska, Russia, Norway, Sweden, or Finland. For adventurous commercial productions that have budgets large enough to film on the Arctic Ocean Ice Sheet and Greenland Ice Sheet, it’s important to remember during these summer months the sun is 24hrs long, the sky is bright blue, and the glare from the sun and snow is strong, meaning you only have a few hours when the sun dips low enough for good filming light. Snow storms tend to take place at the edges of an Ice Sheet.

If your production requires snow in July / August nordic locations of snow-covered mountains, hills, pine trees, and cozy alpine cabins, New Zealand, Chile, and Argentina are the best countries to film in July and August. The areas near production centres of Northern Hemisphere countries such as CanadaNorway, Sweden, and Finland will not start seeing snowfall again until around November.

As for productions requiring native animals, polar bears are only found in the north pole area, penguins are only found in Antarctica, and reindeer are easiest to find in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Snow In July / August Film Crew

If you are looking for a professional film crew to shoot your snow in July / August project, we are able to put together the right mix for the specifics of the project. We have cold weather specialist directors, DoP’s, videographers, photographers and other crew. Likewise, if you are looking for a locally based service producer or fixer, contact us.