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Film Location: Trondheim, Norway – Fixer, Content Producer, & Camera Crew

Written on July 7, 2019


Trondheim is the largest city in Trøndelag county, Norway.

The city was the capital of Norway during the Viking Age. During WWII it served as a major submarine base for German U-boats.

A picturesque city of colourful wooden warehouses, waterways, fjords, and forested hills, Trondheim is best known for the following film locations… Nidaros Cathedral is a spectacular Gothic cathedral that dates back to the 11th century. Bakklandet is the Old Town neighbourhood famous for its riverfront wooden houses, Old Bridge, and the Nidelva River which winds its way through the centre of the city. Other locations of note include the Ringve Museum, Trøndelag Folk Museum, Rockheim, Kristiansten Fortress, Torvet (Town Square), Tyholttårnet, and Munkholmen.

The city is a great destination for filming period pieces, historical documentaries, and shoots that require the modern every-European-city look.

Down Time

Trondheim has many restaurants, bars, pubs and music venues. One location of interest to go and relax after a long day of filming is BunkerSauna, a former WWII location converted into a waterfront sauna.

Trondheim, Norway – Fixer, Content Producer, & Camera Crew

Are you a brand, media company, film studio, advertising agency, or production house looking for production support or a local shooting crew in Trondheim or other parts of Norway? Contact us and we can recommend a locally based fixer, content producer, videographer, stills photographer, cameraman, director of photography, or director.