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Call To Action: Local & Global Environmental Issues

Written on September 11, 2018

Local & Global Environmental Issues

Whether you’re an environmental journalist or a brand looking to do your part, our responsibility to the planet is joint and several. Below are the main environmental issues in every country around the world for those who think global and local…

Afghanistan – Deforestation. Soil Erosion. Desertification. Water and air pollution.
Albania – Deforestation. Water and air pollution.
Algeria – Soil erosion. Desertification.
Andorra – Deforestation.
Angola – Oil based economy. Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification.
Anguilla – Soil Erosion.
Antarctica – Loss of sea and land ice. Ozone depletion.
Antigua & Barbuda – Deforestation. Coastal erosion.
Argentina – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification. Air and water pollution.
Armenia – Desertification as climate change shifts landscape zones to higher altitudes.
Aruba – Waste disposal.
Australia – Mass coral bleaching of Great Barrier Reef. Overuse of Murray-Darling Basin. Logging. Air pollution. Soil erosion. Desertification.
Austria – Air pollution.
Azerbaijan – Oil based economy.
Bahamas – Overfishing. Coral reef degradation.
Bahrain – Coastal desertification.
Bangladesh – Water pollution including coastal pollution from ship breaking industry. Rising sea levels.
Barbados – Soil erosion.
Belarus – Air pollution.
Belgium – Air pollution.
Belize – Deforestation. Water pollution.
Benin – Deforestation. Desertification.
Bermuda – Waste disposal.
Bhutan – Firewood harvesting.
Bolivia – Deforestation. Poor mining practices.
Bosnia & Herzegovina – Waste disposal.
Botswana – Desertification.
Brazil – Deforestation of Amazon basin. Endangered species. Cattle greenhouse emissions.
British Virgin Islands – Coral reef degradation.
Brunei – Oil based economy.
Bulgaria – Air pollution.
Burkina Faso – Desertification.
Burma (Myanmar) – Deforestation. Air and water pollution. Endangered species.
Burundi – Deforestation. Desertification. Soil erosion.
Cambodia – Deforestation. Air and water pollution.
Cameroon – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification.
Canada – Logging. Loss of sea and land ice.
Canary Islands – Water pollution.
Cape Verde – Desertification. Soil erosion. Overfishing.
Cayman Islands – Deforestation.
Central African Republic – Deforestation. Desertification. Water pollution. Wildlife poaching.
Chad – Desertification. Water pollution.
Chile – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Overfishing.
China – Greenhouse gas emissions. Air and water pollution. Plastic waste in oceans. Desertification. Overfishing.
Colombia – Deforestation. Biodiversity loss.
Comoros – Deforestation.
Congo Brazzaville (Republic of the Congo) – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Waste disposal.
Costa Rica – Challenges of continuing to modernise in an eco-friendly way.
Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) – Deforestation. Water pollution.
Croatia – Air and water pollution.
Cuba – Desertification. Soil erosion.
Curaçao – Waste disposal.
Cyprus – Coastal erosion.
Czech Republic – Air and water pollution.
Denmark – Air and water pollution.
Djibouti – Deforestation. Desertification. Water pollution.
Dominica – Deforestation. Soil erosion.
Dominican Republic – Deforestation. Soil erosion.
DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) – Deforestation. Poaching. Water pollution. Poor mining practices.
East Timor – Deforestation. Soil erosion.
Ecuador – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Poor mining practices.
Egypt – Air pollution.
El Salvador – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Water pollution.
England – Air pollution.
Equatorial Guinea – Deforestation. Desertification. Water pollution.
Eritrea – Deforestation. Desertification. Soil erosion.
Estonia – Air pollution.
Ethiopia – Deforestation. Endangered species.
Faroe Islands – Coastal erosion. Whaling.
Fiji – Waste disposal. Deforestation. Soil erosion.
Finland – No serious issues.
France – Air pollution.
French Guiana – Deforestation. Poor mining practices.
French Polynesia – Waste disposal. Rising sea levels.
Gabon – Deforestation. Wildlife preservation.
Gambia – Deforestation. Desertification. Water pollution.
Georgia – Deforestation. Air and water pollution.
Germany – Greenhouse gas emissions. Air pollution.
Ghana – Deforestation. Poor mining practices. Air and water pollution.
Greece – Air pollution.
Greenland – Loss of sea and land ice. Whaling.
Grenada – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Species loss. Waste disposal.
Guatemala – Deforestation. Poor mining practices.
Guinea – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification. Poor mining practices.
Guinea Bissau – Deforestation. Soil erosion.
Guyana – Water pollution.
Haiti – Severe deforestation. Overpopulation. Waste disposal.
Honduras – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Poor mining practices.
Hong Kong – Air pollution. Plastic waste in oceans.
Hungary – Air pollution.
Iceland – Loss of sea and land ice. Whaling.
India – Greenhouse gas emissions. Overpopulation. Waste disposal. Air, water and soil pollution. Poor mining practices.
Indonesia – Plastic waste in oceans. Overfishing. Deforestation. Palm oil plantations. Endangered species. Air and water pollution. Poor mining practices.
Iran – Air pollution. Deforestation. Desertification.
Iraq – Oil based economy. Air and water pollution.
Ireland – Water pollution.
Israel – Water Management.
Italy – Air and water pollution.
Jamaica – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Water pollution. Waste disposal.
Japan – Greenhouse gas emissions. Overfishing. Whaling.
Jordan – Water Management. Deforestation. Overgrazing. soil erosion. Desertification.
Kazakhstan – Oil based economy. Desertification of the Aral Sea.
Kenya – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification. Poaching. Waste disposal.
Kiribati – Rising sea levels. Coral bleaching. Waste disposal.
Kosovo – Air and water pollution. Deforestation.
Kuwait – Oil based economy.
Kyrgyzstan – Air and water pollution. Poor mining practices. Waste disposal.
La Réunion – Overfishing.
Laos – Deforestation. Soil erosion.
Latvia – Air pollution.
Lebanon – Air, water, and soil pollution.
Lesotho – Soil erosion. Desertification.
Liberia – Deforestation. Endangered species. Water pollution. Poor mining practices.
Libya – Oil based economy. Desertification. Water pollution.
Liechtenstein – Air pollution.
Lithuania – Air and water pollution.
Luxembourg – Air pollution.
Macau – Plastic waste in oceans. Air pollution.
Macedonia – Air and water pollution. Deforestation.
Madagascar – Deforestation. Endangered species. Soil erosion.
Malawi – Deforestation. Soil erosion.
Malaysia – Plastic waste in oceans. Palm oil plantations.
Maldives – Waste disposal. Rising sea levels.
Mali – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification.
Malta – Water Management.
Marshall Islands – Rising sea levels. Water pollution.
Mauritania – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification. Poor mining practices.
Mauritius – Water pollution. Coral reef degradation.
Mexico – Air and water pollution. Deforestation.
Micronesia – Rising sea levels. Water pollution.
Moldova – Soil erosion.
Monaco – No serious issues.
Mongolia – Desertification. Deforestation. Water and air pollution.
Montenegro – Air and water pollution.
Morocco – Desertification. Water pollution.
Mozambique – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification.
Namibia – Desertification. Poaching.
Nauru – Poor phosphate mining practices have left country devastated.
Nepal – Deforestation. Water and air pollution.
Netherlands – Rising sea levels. Air pollution.
New Caledonia – Coral reef degradation. Soil erosion from poor mining practices.
New Zealand – Invasive species. Agriculture causing soil erosion and greenhouse gas emissions.
Nicaragua – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Water pollution.
Niger – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification. Poaching.
Nigeria – Oil based economy. Plastic waste in oceans. Deforestation. Palm oil plantations. Air and water pollution. Oil spill pollution in Niger Delta. Desertification.
North Korea – Water pollution. Deforestation. Soil erosion.
Northern Ireland – Air pollution.
Norway – Oil based economy. Air and water pollution. Whaling.
Oman – Oil based economy. Coastal pollution from oil spills. Water Management.
Pakistan – Water and air pollution. Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification.
Palau – Rising sea levels. Waste disposal. Overfishing. Jellyfish Lake decimated by sunscreen chemicals.
Palestine – Water Management. Waste disposal.
Panama – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Water pollution from agriculture.
Papua New Guinea – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Poor mining practices.
Paraguay – Water pollution. Deforestation.
Peru – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification. Water pollution. Overfishing.
Philippines – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Coral reef degradation. Water pollution. Plastic waste in oceans. Whaling.
Poland – Air and water pollution from coal-fired power plants.
Portugal – Air and water pollution. Soil erosion.
Puerto Rico – Waste disposal. Water pollution. Soil erosion.
Qatar – Oil based economy. Air, water, and land pollution.
Romania – Air and water pollution. Soil erosion.
Russia – Oil based economy. Greenhouse gas emissions. Air, water, and land pollution.  Deforestation. Soil erosion. Waste disposal.
Rwanda – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Poaching.
Samoa – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Overfishing.
San Marino – Air pollution.
São Tomé and Príncipe – Deforestation. Soil erosion.
Saudi Arabia – Oil based economy. Coastal pollution from oil spills.Desertification. Water Management.
Scotland – Air pollution.
Senegal – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification. Poaching. Overfishing.
Serbia – Air and water pollution.
Seychelles – Waste disposal. Water management.
Sierra Leone – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Overfishing.
Singapore – Air and water pollution.
Slovakia – Air pollution.
Slovenia – Air and water pollution.
Solomon Islands – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Waste disposal. Rising sea levels. Coral reef degradation.
Somalia – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification. Water pollution. Waste disposal.
South Africa – Water management. Air and water pollution. Soil erosion. Desertification.
South Korea – Air and water pollution. Overfishing.
South Sudan – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Water pollution.
Spain – Air and water pollution. Desertification.
Sri Lanka – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Air and water pollution. Plastic waste in oceans. Poor mining practices.
St Barts – Water management.
St Kitts & Nevis – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Water pollution. Coral reef degradation.
St Lucia – Deforestation. Soil erosion.
St Martin – Water management.
St Vincent & The Grenadines – Water pollution.
Sudan – Oil based economy. Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification.
Suriname – Deforestation. Poor mining practices.
Swaziland – Water management. Soil erosion.
Sweden – Air and water pollution.
Switzerland – Air and water pollution.
Syria – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Air and water pollution. Desertification. Water Management.
Taiwan – Air and water pollution.
Tajikistan – Air, water, and land pollution. Soil erosion.
Tanzania – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification. Poaching. Coral reef degradation.
Thailand – Air and water pollution. Deforestation. Soil erosion. Plastic waste in oceans. Palm oil plantations. Overfishing. Waste disposal.
Tibet – Deforestation. Air and water pollution.
Togo – Deforestation. Air and water pollution.
Tonga – Deforestation. Water pollution. Coral reef degradation.
Trinidad and Tobago – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Coastal pollution from oil spills.
Tunisia – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification. Water pollution.
Turkey – Air and water pollution. Deforestation.
Turkmenistan – Desertification. Shrinking of the Aral Sea.
Turks and Caicos – Water management.
Tuvalu – Waste disposal. Rising sea levels. Coral reef degradation.
United States – Greenhouse gas emissions. Economy based on non-renewable resources. Air and water pollution. Water management. Desertification.
Uganda – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Poaching.
Ukraine – Air and water pollution. Deforestation.
United Arab Emirates – Oil based economy. Coastal pollution from oil spills. Desertification. Water management.
United Kingdom – Air and water pollution.
Uruguay – Water pollution.
US Virgin Islands – Water management.
Uzbekistan – Desertification. Shrinking of the Aral Sea.
Vanuatu – Deforestation. Water management.
Vatican City – Air pollution.
Venezuela – Oil based economy. Deforestation. Soil erosion. Air and water pollution. Poor mining practices.
Vietnam – Air and water pollution. Deforestation. Soil erosion. Plastic waste in oceans. Rising sea levels. Overfishing.
Wales – Air pollution.
Western Sahara – Desertification. Water management.
Yemen – Desertification. Water management.
Zambia – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Desertification. Poor mining practices. Air pollution. Poaching.
Zimbabwe – Deforestation. Soil erosion. Poor mining practices. Poaching.

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