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Filming in Brasov Council Square, Romania

Written on May 29, 2013

Brasov Council Square

Located at the foot of Transylvania’s Carpathian Mountains, Brasov has a beautiful old town square resplendent with gothic, baroque and renaissance architecture. Much of the town was built by Saxon settlers giving it a distinctively Germanic look. This makes Brasov a great alternative to the more expensive, less easy to permit (and control) town squares in Germany.

Film Permits

Film location permits throughout Romania are an inexpensive, quick and easy process. The town of Brasov welcomes productions from all over the world.

When To Shoot?

May and September are the best months to shoot with dry, sunny shoot days outside of the peak tourism summer months.

Romanian Film Crew

Local crew and equipment need to come from Bucharest, a 2.5hr drive away.

If you are looking to film in Brasov or anywhere else in Romania and require a film fixer, full production service support, or locally based shooting crew, please contact us for recommendations.