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Filming The Alabama Hills, California

Written on May 29, 2013

Alabama Hills

The Alabama Hills are known for the vast granite mountains of the Eastern Sierra, dusty desert roads weaving through rust coloured rock formations and stunning views of California’s highest peak, Mt Whitney.

The location has played host to over 150 movies doubling for locations ranging from the wild west (The Lone Ranger), Spain (Gladiator), Afghanistan’s Khyber Pass (Gunga Din), and otherworldly looks (Star Trek Generations).

When To Shoot?

Early summer is a great time to film the Alabama Hills with long, sunny shoot days.

Film Permits

Location permits for filming Alabama Hills are a quick and easy process.

For basic services, the Alabama Hills are located just outside of the town of Lone Pine. The closest major production centre for crew and equipment is Los Angeles, a 3.5hr drive away.

California Film Crew

If you are looking to film in the Alabama Hills and require a film fixer or full production service support, please contact us. We also have shooting crew throughout California including directors, DP’s, videographers and photographers.