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Ghostly Film Location: Spis Castle Ruins, Slovakia

Written on May 29, 2013

Spis Castle Ruins

Built in the 12th Century, Spis Castle Ruins in Slovakia is one of the largest castle ruin sites in Europe. Set on a hilltop overlooking a village its imposing stone structure makes for an eerie film location.

Base camp is usually set up in the car park directly below with good hotels available within 30km.

Film Permits

Location permits to film at the Spis Castle Ruins usually take up to 5 working days. Location fees are negotiable.

Best Time To Shoot

Long, sunny shoot days are best from May to August. Traffic can be controlled at this location so it’s best to work around the busy tourist summer holiday months of July and August. Monday is the best day for filming with tourist numbers generally limited.

Crew & Equipment

Crew and equipment come from Bratislava, a 4hr drive away.

If you are looking to film at the Spis Castle Ruins and require a film fixer, location manager or full production service support, contact us. If you are looking for a Bratislava based shooter or film crew, we can recommend the right person for the job.