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Film Location: Rock Springs, Wyoming

Written on October 9, 2016

Rock Springs

Rock Springs, Wyoming is the quintessential small town location. Once a Wild West town, Rock Springs later boomed as a Union Pacific Railroad coal mining centre. Today it is the perfect place for productions looking to film a Main Street America location.

Location Permits

There are no general permits for shooting in Wyoming cities. Projects with larger footprints looking to close streets or control traffic need to arrange this with local law enforcement and city officials. Proof of insurance is required. The people of Rock Springs are a very friendly, helpful, and welcoming community who would give all they can to help make your shoot a success.

Getting There

Salt Lake City, Utah is the closest major airport. From there Rock Springs is a 3 hour drive, or you can take a short commuter flight into Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport.

When To Shoot?

Things start to get green around late May and into June. Snow starts to fall towards the end of October.

Production Support

Salt Lake City is the closest place for key crew and film equipment. If you are looking for a local fixer in Rock Springs, or full production service support, or a shooting crew from around the region, contact us for referrals.


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Images courtesy of Wyoming Film Office.