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Film Location: Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion

Written on October 11, 2016


Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion

The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion is located at Hjerkinn on the outskirts of Dovrefjell National Park, overlooking the mountain Snøhetta.

The 90 m2 building is open to the public and serves as an observation pavilion for the Wild Reindeer Foundation educational programmes. A 1.5 km hiking trail leads visitors to this spectacular site overlooking the Dovrefjell mountains.

The Dovrefjell mountain range forms a barrier between the northern and southern parts of Norway. It holds a unique place in Norwegian consciousness through a wide range of tales and myths connected to the mountains. The long history of travelers, hunting, mining, and military activities has left its mark on this landscape.

The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion has a contemporary raw steel frame and the interior observation area is made of curved pine beams. The space is warmed by a suspended furnace. Using digital 3D-models to drive the milling machines, the wood was then assembled in a traditional way.

The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion is ideal for projects with a green-tech or high fashion creative brief.


Norwegian Film Crew

If you are looking to film at the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion and require a Norwegian fixer or service producer for your project, contact us for recommendations. We are also happy to recommend shooting crew should you wish to hire a Norwegian director, DoP, videographer, or photographer.


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