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Colonial Looks: Filming in Cartagena, Colombia

Written on April 1, 2013


Cartagena, Colombia is a 16th century Spanish colonial city located on the Caribbean Sea. As well as offering well preserved Spanish colonial looks including streets, squares, mansions, city walls, a fort and cathedral, Cartagena also boasts a selection of beaches, a modern skyline and a container port open for filming.

Gemini Man (2019) and Love in the Time of Cholera (2007) filmed in Cartagena.

Cartagena has a tropical wet and dry climate with rainy seasons from May to June and October to November. Cartagena is outside of the hurricane zone. February to May is the best time to shoot for weather and less tourists.

Film location permits typically take about 2 weeks to permit. Most locations can be locked off for filming.

Cartagena is a safe city for foreign film productions.

Film Crew

Cartagena has a small pool of supporting crew. Key crew and equipment typically need to be brought in from Bogota, a 1.5hr flight away. There are also 1-3 ton equipment packages based in Barranquilla, a 2.5hr drive away.

Even with travelling crew and equipment, Colombia is a very cost competitive country to film in.

If you are looking to film in Cartagena and require a film fixer or full production service support, please contact us.

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