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Untouched Film Location: Dakhla, Western Sahara

Written on April 22, 2018


Dakhla is a city in Western Sahara built on a narrow peninsula of the Atlantic Coast, the Río de Oro Peninsula, about 550 km south of Laayoune.

Western Sahara is one of the least filmed places in the world and Dakhla is one of the most remote feeling film locations in the world. Far from crowds and noise, Dakhla has miles of windswept beaches pressed up against desert. It is the ideal undiscovered film location for everything from retail catalogue shoots on empty beaches, through to kite surfing with flamingos and dolphins.

Dakhla is a world-clase kitesurfing destination with over 330 windy days a year. The weather is sunny and mild all year round. Wind speeds are around 15-25 knots in winter and around 30 knots in July / August. The area is also known for its surf breaks with La Sarga, Point d’Or, Arish, and Foumbouir the main beaches of interest. Further south, Puertito beach is a beautiful white sand beach.

Cultural film locations of note include the old mosque, new mosque, Spanish cathedral, seafront, and artisanal centre.

Permission To Film

Locals are easy going and open to visitors. Journalists are discouraged from reporting in Western Sahara, given the current political climate. Commercial shoots are easier to permit.

Getting In

Dakhla airport is located only 5km from the city. Driving from Laayoune is a long, desolate, and unique experience.

Western Sahara Fixer & Camera Crew

Planning to film in Western Sahara and need a local fixer? Looking to save on travel costs and hire a local camera crew? Contact us for recommendations.

Down Time

Dakhla has several good accommodation options including those offering Moroccan spa experiences.

Local seafood dishes have local, Moroccan, Spanish and French influences.

This part of the world is also famous for its traditional oyster farming.