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Film Location: Šargan Eight Railway, Serbia

Written on December 6, 2018

Šargan Eight Railway

The Šargan Eight Railway is an old-fashioned narrow-gauge railway located 210 km south-west of Belgrade, Serbia. It gains its name from the figure-8 shape track that winds its way through the tunnels and forested bends of Tara Mountain. The 3 hour round-trip journey starts at the traditional village of Mokra Gora, stopping at Jatare, Golubici and Sargan Vitasi. Along the way it passes through 5 bridges and 22 tunnels. The train is an old steam engine with a wood burning stove and carriages with wooden seats. Between the charming old steam train, the romantic mountainous landscape, and unique traditional stations, the Šargan Eight Railway is a great location for a period piece or fairytale shoot. 

The railway is a busy tourist location during the summer months, so allow plenty of lead time should your shoot require any location control. For shoots that are looking to film the location as a tourist attraction, the train departs twice a day from Mokra Gora at 10:30h and 13:30h. For local colour, there are usually plenty of boisterous Serbians on board happy to have a glass or two of rakija with you.

While you’re there, Drvengrad is located a few minutes from Mokra Gora station. Drvengrad is a traditional village that the Serbian film director Emir Kusturica built for his film Life Is a Miracle.

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