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Film Location: Waw an Namus, Libya – Fixer, Camera Crew

Written on May 17, 2019

Waw an Namus

Waw an Namus, Libya is a spectacular volcano located in the geographic centre the Sahara Desert. As the crow flies, it is 1000km south of Tripoli.

At 4km wide, the centre includes a 120 meter high cinder cone and three small salty, coloured lakes. Waw an Namus is surrounded by a 20km wide deposit of black ash which strikes a stark contrast against the yellow of the desert.

Waw an Namus translates to “Oasis of Mosquitoes” owing the the large number of biting insects that call the lakes home.

Given the vast travel distances, lack of any nearby services, and mosquito infestation, one might conclude that the location is better suited for its magnificent aerial filming opportunities, rather than for filming on the ground.

On the other hand the location would be a unique place to film a survivalist reality show.

Intrepid productions that choose to film on the ground will find themselves rewarded with being the first major production to ever film in Waw an Namus.

Libya Fixer & Camera Crew

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Image source attribution.