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Film Locations: Dakar Markets, Senegal – Fixer, Camera Crew

Written on November 7, 2018

Dakar Markets

Soumbedioune Market – One of West Africa’s best open-air beachfront fish markets, Soumbedioune is a busy scene of boisterous fishmongers, tired fishermen, hundreds of colourfully painted pirogues, Chinese buyers, colourfully dressed locals and fishwives grilling the day’s catch by the water. The Soumbedioune fish market is moving to a new facility across the bay in early 2019. It’s unclear exactly how much this will affect the look of this location. The expectation is Soumbedioune will remain more or less the same in terms of pirogues and there still being some kind of fish market there (it’s a big tourist attraction after all), but the larger catch will be moving to the new facility. As such, the reduced trade will likely have some impact on the chaotic energy of the place. If you would like to film a small b-roll / 2nd camera shoot at this location, then it might be wise to get that done before the move. If you would like to film a large complicated shoot with location control, actors, props, etc then you might be better off waiting until after the move.

Kermel Market – Marche Kermel is located in an impressive Victorian-style building in the centre of Dakar. The market sells everything from locally made arts and craft through to meats and seafood. The local fishmongers are located centrally take central under the circular domed roof.

Tilene Market – More of a market for locals known for its vibrant colors and smells of herbs, fragrant fruits, and vegetables.

Sandaga Market – Chaotic sprawl of street stalls that sells everything.

Le Marche HLM – The ramshackle stalls and dusty streets of this market are best known for their colourful wax fabrics.

Other Dakar markets of note include in Grand Dakar, Colobane, Grand Yoff, Pikine, Marche de la Gare, Marche de Yoff, Marche de Yarakh, Ngor, Parcelles, and Assainies.

Dakar Markets Film Permits

Permits are negotiated on a case by case basis depending on the specifics of the shoot. Our local fixer in Dakar will be sure to negotiate with market association officials and individual vendors to get you the best deal possible.


While you’re in Dakar, try the thiéboudienne, a local dish made from fish, rice and tomato sauce.

Dakar Fixer & Camera Crew

If you are a brand, media company, agency or production company looking to looking to shoot your next TV commercial, stills campaign, online content, corporate videos, virtual reality 360 content, or aerial footage in Dakar or anywhere else in Senegal, contact us for local fixer, service producer, director, DoP, videographer, cameraman or photographer recommendations.