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Film Location: Lake Retba, Senegal

Written on January 3, 2014

Lake Retba

Lake Retba (Lac Rose, locally) is a bright pink colored lake located 30mins drive from Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

The pink color is a natural phenomenon caused by algae in the water. Depending on the time of day, the lake changes color from a light purple to a milkshake pink. The color is most vibrant during the dry season from December to April and is best filmed or photographed on windless days. The waters are safe to swim and the high salt content means people can float on the water.

The shores are dotted with salt piles which locals collect from the bottom of the lake by hand. The white of the salt makes for an interesting contrast against the pink of lake and gold of the sand dunes.

Lake Retba is located in a tourist area with several good accommodation and food options available. Dakar is the closest production center where film equipment and crew come from.

Senegal Production Support

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Film Location Lake Retba Senegal 03

Film Location Lake Retba Senegal 02