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Filming in Montevideo: Fixers and Production Service Companies

Written on February 16, 2014


The capital of Uruguay, Montevideo is a vibrant, film friendly city. Montevideo offers a range of American and European looks that international productions have used to recreate cities such as Paris, London, New York and Old Havana. Architectural styles of interest include Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Bauhaus, French Gothic and Contemporary. Locations of particular interest include the Parliament Building, Mercado del Puerto, Montevideo Old Town, Teatro Solís, the Rambla riverfront promenade and several film friendly football stadiums. Just outside of Montevideo you can find the architecturally interesting Carrasco Airport.

Film Permits

Montevideo film location permits are quick, easy and inexpensive. Both the city and private locations are very accommodating to visiting productions. Most locations take a couple of days to permit with more complicated location requests such as shutting streets taking only a week.

When to Shoot?

December to March is the perfect time to film opposite season looks in Montevideo with long summer shoot days.

Crew & Equipment

Montevideo offers an impressive film infrastructure with experienced crews and new equipment. If required, more specialised crews and equipment can be easily brought in from nearby Buenos Aires.

If you are looking for film or photography production service support or fixer services in Montevideo, please contact us.

If you’d like to save on travel costs and hire Buenos Aires or Montevideo shooting crew such as directors, DP’s, videographers and photographers, we are happy to refer options that best suit the specifics of your shoot.