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Film Location: Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Written on May 21, 2017

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido, in the state of Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s more under-explored film locations. Known for its excellent surf, swimming spots, spectacular sunsets, relaxed beach culture, bohemian vibe, and delicious seafood tacos, Puerto Escondido is a great location to film your next beachfront shoot.

Legend has it that while docked in the port, a young Mixtec woman, who was held captive by the pirate Andrés Drake, managed to jump ship and find hiding in the jungle beyond the beach. The area was since named Puerto Escondido, or “Hidden Port”.

Puerto Escondido is famous for surfing competitions held at Zicatela Beach each year. Many consider it to have the heaviest beachbreak in the world. Although surf can be expected throughout the year, the hurricane season from June to November has the largest surf, and March to April has smaller surf. Playa Zicatela is a surfers’ beach with the strong undertow making the area unsuitable for swimming. At either end of Playa Zicatela you will find the rocky outcrops of Marinero and Punta, which are more suitable for shoots that require talent in the water. In the evenings, pelicans dive bombing for fish.

Puerto Angelito Beach is popular with Mexican families especially on the weekends. Playa Carrizalillo is a small, picturesque, white sand beach with cobalt blue seas. Both are suitable for swimming.

The westernmost beach is Playa Bacocho with upscale beach clubs, fine, soft sand, palm trees, warm, blue-green water and moderate surf. West of there the beaches are still undeveloped and ideal for shoots looking for deserted looks.

Aside from beachside activities, Puerto Escondido also has good deep-sea fishing and scubadiving / underwater photography options.

Stay and Eat

Try the Smoked Tuna Tacos at Tacos el Viejo. Stay at Villas Carrizalillo Hotel.

Getting There

Puerto Escondido airport is serviced by several domestic carriers. Huatulco airport, less than a 2 hour drive from Puerto Escondido, has direct flights from the US.

Mexico Fixers and Shooters

Contact us if you would like to engage a local fixer to arrange filming in Puerto Escondido. If you would like to hire a Mexico based film crew we also have directors, DoP’s, videographers, cameramen, stills photographers, and sound operators.