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Film Location: Querétaro, Mexico

Written on December 21, 2018

Location: Querétaro

Santiago de Querétaro, or more simply known as Querétaro is an impressive undiscovered film destination located in central Mexico. The city is known as one of the safest in Mexico and one of the most dynamic in Latin America. 

Its old colonial centre is the heart of a vibrant cultural life surrounded by a wealth of churches, universities, museums, fountains, monuments, theatres, cafes and restaurants. Looking around the busy yet relaxed streets and squares, you get the sense that very few tourists know about the place.

Film locations of interest include the following…

Built in the 18th century, Querétaro’s famous aqueduct stretches for 1,280 meters and averages a height of twenty three meters. Museums of note include the Museo del Calendario, Museo Regional de Querétaro, and Museo de Arte de Querétaro. Churches of note include the St. Philip Neri Cathedral, Templo de Santa Rosa de Viterbo, Templo y Convento de la Santa Cruz, and Templo de Santa Clara interiors. Colonial squares and gardens of note include the Plaza de Armas, Zenea Garden, Plaza Constitución, and Alameda Hidalgo community garden. Estadio Corregidora is Querétaro’s largest football stadium. The city has many beautiful old Spanish colonial courtyards and cloisters to choose from.

Querétaro has mild temperatures all year round. June to August is the rainy season.

Corporate Filming

Querétaro is a global manufacturing centre with many worldwide brands locating part of their supply chain in or nearby the city. Brands of note include General Electric, Bombardier, Toyota, Kellogg Company, HYRSA Aerospace, Samsung Electronics, Daewoo, Colgate-Palmolive, Harman International Industries, Michelin, Tetra Pak, Siemens Mexico, New Holland, Faurecia, ABC Group, Autoliv, TRW Automotive, Tremec, Valeo, Funai, Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, Pilgrim’s Pride, Santander Bank’s call center for Latin America, Mabe Mexico, Irizar, Scania, Hitachi, Kostal, Aernnova, Dana, Dow Chemical, Bose, Alpha Hilex, Saint-Gobain, Flex-N-Gate, and ThyssenKrupp, to name a few.

Main industries include aircraft manufacturing, automotive, IT and data centers, logistics services, and the production of chemicals and food products. Wine production is the second largest in Mexico after the Baja California region. The area is also famous for its gourmet cheese production.

If you’re a brand with a presence in Querétaro and require footage filmed of your facilities and personnel, contact us. We have Mexico City and Querétaro based camera crews and production support.

Querétaro Film Production Services & Camera Crew

Most key crew and equipment need to come from Mexico City. If you are looking for Mexico City or Querétaro based based fixer, service producer or film crew including directors, DoPs, videographers, cameramen, and stills photographers, contact us.

Getting There

Querétaro has an international airport so its easily accessed by air. The airport is small so clearing customs and immigration is a fast and easy process.

If you are flying into Mexico City, it’s a 213km (132mi) drive north.