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Film Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Written on August 25, 2017

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende, in the state of Guanajuato, is one of Mexico’s most beautiful cities. Travel & Leisure voted it  2017’s “World’s Best City”. San Miguel de Allende’s historic colonial centre is a UNESCO world heritage site. The city is known for it relaxed pace, cobblestone streets, colonial era homes, parks, churches, markets, modern art galleries, coffee shops, rooftop bars, and excellent restaurants. The Jardin, Parroquia, and Zocalo lie at the heart of the city. Outside of the city you can find Jardin Botanico, beautiful canyons, La Gruta Hotsprings, La Presa Allende, El Tianguis, several interesting farm-to-table restaurants out in the campo, and unique film locations such as this glass dump.

When to Shoot?

San Miguel de Allende has a high altitude desert climate with warm days and cool nights. The weather is pleasant all year round, meaning the city has a regular stream of visitors throughout the year. The weekends can be especially busy with Chilangos coming in from Mexico City.

Given the climate is so dry it’s important to note that drinking plenty of water and applying moisturiser is essential.

Indigenous celebrations and international creative events are held throughout the year.

For photographers, hot air balloons are a common early-morning feature floating over the city skyline.

Local Talent

A variety of local Mexican talent is available. San Miguel de Allende is known for its large population of western and expat retirees and artists, and in recent years more and more younger Westerners are moving in too. The area is home to many kooky creative characters.


In terms of sleeping your clients and crew, the Rosewood Hotel is a popular higher-end option. Beyond that the city has many other impressive accommodation options including private home rentals.

San Miguel de Allende Film Crew & Production Support

Given the wealth and creative spirit of the city, there are several good locally based directors, filmmakers, DoP’s, videographers, and photographers based in San Miguel de Allende. We can also recommend a local Mexican fixer to help set up your shoot in terms of film permits and all other production requirements. If you need to look further for your film crew, production support, and film equipment, Mexico City is a 3.5hr drive away. Contact us for more information.