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Film Location: Kanazawa, Japan

Written on May 22, 2017


Home to several universities and art schools, Kanazawa has a young and artistic energy. The city has many galleries, creative restaurants, coffee shops and small stores where artists can be found making perfect objects.

Of note is the 21st Century Museum. This spectacular glass structure, has contemporary artwork both inside and on the museum grounds. One permanent artwork of note is Leandro Erlich’s “Swimming Pool” which creates the illusion visitors are submersed in nine feet of water. The museum has modern looking conference rooms and other spaces are available for filming, especially on Monday’s when it is closed to the public.

The D.T. Suzuki Museum is another interesting modern film location.

Kanazawa station has a huge glass dome called the Motenashi Dome. At the entrance to the station stands a large wooden gate called Tsuzumimon.

Kanazawa is also a historic city with well preserved Edo period architecture going back to the time of samurais and geishas. During WW2, Kanazawa was spared destruction by air raids. Consequently, parts of the old castle town, such as the Nagamachi samurai district and chaya entertainment districts, remained undamaged.

Higashi Chaya District geisha district is where people come to feast and see traditional Japanese performances.

Myouryuji Temple (Ninja-dera temple) is an ingenious Edo period building full of booby traps and secret escape routes the lords of the day had built in case of an attack.

Kenroku-en garden is one of Japan’s best landscaped gardens. Located next to Kanazawa Castle, the manicured gardens are home to old trees, beautiful lakes, stone bridges and lanterns, with seasonal variation including cherry blossoms in the spring.

Omicho Market has been in the center of Kanazawa for more than 280 years. Seafood is a specialty, especially jumbo shrimp, sushi and sashimi. Kanazawa is known for its traditional Kaga Cuisine.

The Nishi Chaya District (small geisha district) and Nagamachi former samurai district are also film locations of note.

Kanazawa Film Crew & Production Support

If you are looking for Kanazawa based production support including fixers and service producers, contact us. We are also able to connect you with Japan based artists, photographers, videographers, cameramen, DoP’s, and directors.