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Film Location: Hakodate, Japan

Written on August 18, 2018


Hakodate is a large Japanese city located at the southern end of Hokkaido.

Mount Hakodate has 360′ views of the surrounding bay and city. The location can be reached by road or ropeway.

Goryōkaku park is a star-shaped fort built in the 1800s that’s now famous for its cherry blossom viewing in spring.

Goryōkaku Tower has a 107 metre observatory with views of Goryōkaku park, city buildings, and harbour.

Hakodate Asaichi (Morning Market) is famous for its squid, Hairy Crab and seafood rice bowl.

The Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward is a European-style building which housed the government in the early 1900’s.

The Bay Area is known for its beautiful old red-brick buildings that have been converted into a unique shopping mall.

Hakodate was one of Japan’s first ports to open up to world trade. As a result the city has a diversity of faith locations including Hakodategokoku Shrine, Orthodox Church, Motomachi Roman Catholic Church, St. John’s Church, and Trappistine Monastery.

Lucky Pierrot is a wacky burger joint that would work well for a horror movie.

The Port Festival takes place in August.

Getting There & Around

The city is well serviced with a local airport, fast trains (shinkansen), ferries, and by road. Getting around the city is best done by van. There is also a well run streetcar and bus network.

Japan Fixer & Camera Crew

Are you a brand, media company, film studio, advertising agency, or production house looking for production support or a local shooting crew in Hakodate or other parts of Japan? Contact us and we can recommend a locally based fixer, content producer, videographer, stills photographer, cameraman, director of photography, or director.