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Film Locations: Le Corbusier Architecture

Written on November 9, 2018

Le Corbusier Architecture

One of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture, Le Corbusier’s designs combine the functionalism of the modern movement with a bold, sculptural expressionism.

His works can be found all over the world. Le Corbusier architecture of note includes:

Switzerland – Villa Fallet, Villa Stotzer, Villa Jeanneret-Perret, Villa Schwob, Villa Le Lac, Immeuble Clarté, Heidi Weber Museum.

France – Château d’eau of Château Chavat, Ozenfant House and Studio, Villa La Roche, Villa Jeanneret, Quartiers Modernes Frugès, Planeix House, Villa Stein, Villa Savoye, Cité du Refuge, Immeuble Molitor, Usine Claude et Duval, Unité d’Habitation, Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut, Cabanon de vacances, Maisons Jaoul, Unité d’Habitation of Nantes-Rezé, and Unité d’Habitation of Briey en Forêt, Maison du Brésil, Unité d’Habitation of Meaux, Sainte Marie de La Tourette, Unité d’Habitation of Firminy, Stadium Firminy-Vert, Maison de la culture de Firminy-Vert, Church of Saint-Pierre, Firminy.

Belgium – Maison Guiette/Les Peupliers.

Germany – Villas at Weissenhof Estate, Unité d’Habitation of Berlin.

Chile – Maison Errázuriz.

Russia – Tsentrosoyuz.

Brazil – Palace of Ministry of National Education and Public Health.

Argentina – Curutchet House.

United States – United Nations headquarters, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts.

India – Mill Owners’ Association Building, Villa Sarabhai, Villa Shodhan, Sanskar Kendra Museum, Palace of Justice, Museum and Art Gallery, Secretariat Building, Palace of Assembly, Government College of Art (GCA) and the Chandigarh College of Architecture (CCA).

Iraq – Baghdad Gymnasium.

Japan – National Museum of Western Art.

Permission To Film & Crew

If you are a looking to film your next project at a Le Corbusier location, and require assistance from a local producer to arrange permission to film, contact us for recommendations. We can also recommend locally based camera crews should you wish to save on travel costs and hire locally.