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Film Location: Abandoned Legre Mente Plant, Marseilles, France

Written on November 29, 2016

Legre Mente Plant, Marseilles

Founded in 1784, the Legre Mente Plant in Marseilles, France, closed its doors in 2009 and has since been left to ruin. Set against Massif des Calanques, the location offers a variety of run down industrial interiors and exteriors including rusted machinery, chimney stacks, graffitied walls, rusting metal tanks, crumbling catwalks, and more. Be it fight scenes in a bad-guys hideout, or a music video dance sequence, Legre Mente Plant is an ideal space to execute your creative vision.

Film Permits

Legre Mente is privately owned so permitting is on a case by case basis and there is no set time requirement. The location has previously been featured in a French TV series about old factories as well as commercial stills shoots. May through to November is the best time to shoot for weather and long daylight hours.

Crew & Equipment

Crew and equipment are based in the southern French city of Marseilles. If need be additional key crew can easily be brought in from Paris or abroad. Contact us if you are looking for locally based production support including fixers and producers, or shooting crew including directors, DoP’s, videographers, or photographers.

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Images courtesy of Antonin Dedet