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Film Location: Le Morne, Mauritius – Fixers and Film Crews

Written on August 16, 2016

Le Morne

Le Morne’s pristine natural beaches, incredible volcanic mountains, lush jungle, rivers, waterfalls and luxurious resorts offer a wealth of paradise-island film locations.

Located in southwest Mauritius, Le Morne attracts kite surfers, paragliders, surfers and deep-sea fishermen, all year round. Circled by sheltered coves and sparkling aqua-blue waters, this UNESCO World Heritage site is also known for its spectacular sunsets and dolphin viewing. Le Morne Brabant Mountain, a dramatic basaltic rock peak dotted with caves that once harbored runaway slaves, presides over luxury resorts, golf courses and a beach widely regarded as the best in Mauritius.

Nearby, the wave-riding spot at One Eye is known to surfers and kite surfers worldwide. The location has hosted many sport productions and documentaries. The many smaller islands around Mauritius offer interesting filming possibilities and the bay offers incredible underwater photography options. An optical illusion exists that looks like an underwater waterfall.

Farther inland, the Black River Gorges National Park and Casela Nature Park delights with its tropical flora and fauna. There is also an African wildlife park open to filming with lions and tigers.

In contrast to Le Morne, the surrounding towns and much of the French colonial architecture are run-down. This however allows unique and beautiful backdrops for photographers and filmmakers. Skyscrapers and other modern architecture can be found in Cyber City, the financial hub of the Island. Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, houses examples of British colonial architecture and agricultural backdrops can be found in the sugarcane and tea fields.

Film Location - Le Morne Mauritius 01

Mauritius Film Permits

For productions approved under the Film Rebate Scheme, The Board of Investment facilitates the application of all shooting permits and licenses from authorities, agencies or individuals concerned.

For productions not qualified under the Film Rebate Scheme, applications for shooting should be made to the Mauritius Film Development Corporation (MFDC) three weeks prior to start shooting in Mauritius.

When shooting in Mauritius, it is important to consider if the location is situated in a public or private area in order to apply for all the necessary scouting, authorisations and permits in advance. There are rules and regulations which are applicable when shooting in restricted or security areas such as the airport or the harbour, hence will require more time to acquire necessary authorisation.

Permits are easily processed by the The Board of Investment and location fees are calculated per location, once a formal application has been submitted.

Film Location - Le Morne Mauritius 02

Local Facilities

Le Morne is easily accessible by tarred roads, which serve the various hotels and resorts in the area. The entire area has mobile signal and fibre-optic internet access is also available at certain locations. Commercial properties are available to rent for use as production space in Le Morne. Tamarin, a bigger, more developed resort-town, is 10km from Le Morne and boasts various shops, malls, hospitals and restaurants. It also houses internet cafes, professional printers and office spaces with fibre-optic broadband. Le Morne and Tamarin are easily accessible and 45 minutes from the international airport, which connects to all the mayor destinations across the globe.

Film Location - Le Morne Mauritius 03

Film Crew and Equipment

Mauritius has a small pool of experienced local crew for high-end productions. With no visas needed for South African crew working in Mauritius, some of the best film crews in the world are less than 4 hours away.

There is no import duty on equipment imported for foreign productions and zero VAT charged on local production expenditure. Basic grip, lighting and camera gear can also be sourced locally.

In July 2016, The Mauritian government announced it will invest 10 million Mauritian Rupees towards the purchasing of film equipment. Our local production team are partnered with a major South African equipment rental company to offer productions the latest equipment at the best rates in Mauritius. For productions looking to bring their own film equipment into Mauritius, an ATA carnet must be acquired.

Film Location - Le Morne Mauritius 04

When to Shoot?

Mauritius has a tropical climate, which remains warm and relatively dry throughout the year and more rain is experienced inland than on the coast. The warmer, wet season lasts from November to April and clearer skies can be enjoyed from June to September. This is also the best time to film for mild conditions. Surf conditions peak from June to September and the best months for underwater photography are November to March, when there is an abundance of marine life. This also coincides with cyclone season.

Film Location - Le Morne Mauritius 05

Fixers and Film Crews

Contact us if you are looking for a service producer, fixer or shooting crew for your next production in Mauritius.

Copy and Images courtesy of Collective Dream Films.