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Film Location: Flores, Guatemala – Fixer & Camera Crew

Written on August 3, 2018


Flores is a town in Guatemala’s northern Petén region, located on an island in Lake Petén Itzá. It is best known as the gateway to the famous Maya ruins of Tikal and El Mirador. The charming town is dense with colonial red-roofed colourfully painted buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, a historic church and a colonial Spanish plaza. The island is connected to the main land town of Santa Elena by a causeway.

Flores is a unique and undiscovered film location. As an island with densely packed colourful buildings and winding colonial streets it’s the ideal setting for an action movie chase scene involving speed boats and motorbikes and parkour and helicopters. Then a 90 minute drive away you can film the mysterious ancient ruins of Tikal. Local authorities are open to hosting visiting productions. Be the first.

The island is said to be the safest town in Guatemala. It has several good hotel and restaurant options on the island.

As far as local talent is concerned, locals are Guatemalan, but the town also attracts many young western backpackers, who are always looking for extra cash.

Getting in, Mundo Maya International Airport is a 10 minute drive from the town.

Guatemala Fixer & Camera Crew

Guatemala based production support such as fixers or content producers, as well as shooting crew such as directors, DoP’s, or photographers, are based in Guatemala City, and need to come up from there. It’s a 1hr flight or 9hr drive up to Flores.

If you are a film studio, brand, media company, ad agency or production house looking to shoot your movie, tv show, online content, commercial, or other creative content in Guatemala, contact us for recommendations.