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Film Location: Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Written on August 1, 2018


Provincetown, locally known as P-town, is a picturesque New England town located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is known for its beaches, harbour, artists, and its status as a vacation destination for the LGBTQ community.

Locations of particular interest include the bustling Commercial Street, historic homes, Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown Public Library, Town Hall, art galleries and museums, theatres, marina, fishing docks, Race Point lighthouse, and cycling trails through dry coastal forests.

Beaches of note include Race Point, Herring Cove, Long Point, and Town Beaches. Although the area is known for beautiful sandy beaches with deep blue seas, the water is cold, and Great White Sharks are common, so shoots involving swimming are not ideal. The movie Jaws was after all filmed in Cape Cod. Whales are common in the area. This part of the world is great for deep-ocean filming.

Provincetown has plenty of great accommodation options, ranging from charming bed & breakfasts through to boutique hotels. There are also many stores, coffee shops, bars, and restaurant options for visiting productions to enjoy.

Events of note include The Portuguese Festival and Blessing of the Fleet, Provincetown Fringe Festival, Gay Pride Parade, Jazz Festival, and the Provincetown International Film Festiva. Regular drag shows are a popular event.

Getting there, it’s a 2-4 hour drive from Boston, depending on traffic. Several ferry companies offer direct services from Boston (90 minutes). Access by air is also an option.

Film Permits

Provincetown does not charge any fees for film permitting.

If your shoot involves filming on public property and if filming obstructs the flow of pedestrian or vehicle movement, then the production is required to have a police detail assigned to the project, at the expense of the production. Commercial Street is very busy with people traffic during the summer months, so allow plenty of lead time for permitting should you need to film at that time of year. If you are filming on Town property, including the beaches, the Town will require proof of a minimum $1 million insurance.

Filming on property within the Cape Cod National Seashore Park, will require permission from that authority.

If one intends to shoot at Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum, contact PMPM directly.

Provincetown Camera Crew & Production Fixer

Provincetown is home to many artists so some professional film / photography crew and equipment is based locally. Otherwise, Boston is the closest major city for bringing in production and camera teams.

If you are a brand, media company, ad agency or production company looking for Cape Cod based content producers or shooting crew including directors, DP’s, videographers, cameramen, photographers, contact us and we will get back with a shortlist of options that meet your shoot’s specific needs.

Images are copyright of Emerge Film Solutions.