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Filming in Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland

Written on October 4, 2013

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Located in Krakow, Poland, the Wieliczka Salt Mine offers a unique, otherworldly interior including a cathedral, dozens of statues, beautiful chandeliers and three chapels all entirely carved out of rock salt.

Depending on the complexity of the shoot, film location permits usually take no more than one week. Given Wieliczka Salt Mine is a major tourist attraction it is best to restrict filming to night shoots from 6pm onward. Day time shooting is possible but very expensive to close to traffic. If day time filming is absolutely essential it is best to do it outside of the busy summer season when tourist numbers triple.

Plan to allow plenty of time to get all of your shots. Mine shaft elevators are small so transporting crew and equipment is a time consuming process, as is moving between mine chambers. Radio communications also don’t work between chambers but electricity is available.

Book Crew

Supporting crew and equipment are available in Krakow. Heads of department can be sourced in Warsaw.

If you are looking to shoot in Krakow, Poland and require a film fixer or full production service support, please contact us.

If you are looking to book Krakow based shooting crew including videographers and photographers, please contact us.

Location images courtesy of Marta Habior.