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Film Location: Undiscovered Paradise Island – Ko Lao Liang, Thailand

Written on March 19, 2018

Ko Lao Liang

Ko Lao Liang is located in Mu Ko Phetra National Park, Thailand. It is made up of two islands: Ko Lao Liang Nuea (the smaller inhabited island) and Ko Lao Liang Tai (the larger uninhabited island). They are separated by only 300 metres of water.

Trang is the closest major city. Getting to these isolated, undiscovered paradise islands requires a 45min boat ride from the mainland.

Ko Lao Liang Nuea is where the boat lands. Ko Lao Liang Nuea is known for its white-sand beaches, deep emerald and azure blue sea, and protected rich coral reef that can be accessed by simply walking in from the beach. The beach is hemmed in by 100 metre limestone climbing walls that draw in off-the-beaten-track rock climbers from all over the world. Deep-water soloing options also exist. Island accommodation is limited to tent camping. Only up to 50 people can stay at a time. The island has a kitchen and seating area where meals can be served buffet-style. Communal bathroom facilitates exist.

Ko Lao Liang Tai is a deserted paradise island known for its beautiful azure seas with a curving white sand beach that looks out to karst islands on the horizon. There is a dark cave that looks though to the beach. The island also has some abandoned ramshackle beach huts. There are no services or facilities on Ko Lao Liang Tai.

The islands are only open from October to April.

As Ko Lao Liang is in a national park, special permission is required to film there and restrictions are in place to preserve the location.

Thailand Fixer & Camera Crew

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