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Film Location: Tunnel of Love, Klevan, Ukraine

Written on September 18, 2016

The Tunnel of Love in Klevan, Ukraine, is a stretch of overgrown railway line covered by forest.

During the height of Cold War secrecy and paranoia, Soviet forces planted trees alongside the tracks to hide the transport of equipment to a nearby military base. Over the years, the trees grew and the passing trains shaped the beautiful green arches that exist today.

Local legend has it that lovers who make it through the 2 mile tunnel together will be granted one wish. As well as attracting romantics from around the world, the location is also a favourite with photographers and filmmakers looking for unique places to shoot.

During the warmer months the location is bright green, the leaves change colour in fall, and by winter the location is covered in snow.

An industrial train passes through the Tunnel of Love three times a day. The line starts at Klevan station, on the Kovel-Rivne line, and reaches the northern area of Orzhiv, also served by a station on the main line.

The Tunnel of Love is located approximately 7 kilometres from the city Klevan, which is a 4 hour drive from Kiev and a 3 hour drive from Lviv, Ukraine’s two main production centres.

Kiev is Ukraine’s best serviced production centre, with all of the key and supporting crew you would expect to find in a major film production hub. This is also where all of the camera, grip and lighting equipment needs to come from. If you’re looking for a local Ukrainian shooting crew to film your project at the Tunnel of Love, or are looking to engage a local fixer for production service support, contact us for recommendations.

Klevan has limited facilities in terms of hotels and restaurants, so it’s best to base your crew in Kiev or Lviv. We are able to arrange reduced rates at the film-friendly hotel most suitable to your project’s needs.

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