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Shooting Car Commercials in Canada

Written on April 1, 2015

Why choose Canada for your next car commercial?

Canada has several key strengths that make it a preferred destination for car commercials.


Canada is world renowned for its impressive depth of unique locations as well as looks that can double for other countries. Canada has winding mountain roads through otherworldly landscapes, coastal roads perfect for majestic aerial shots, infinity roads through prairie fields, ice roads in barren arctic settings, and a variety of city and suburban streets. Toronto doubles for New York City, Montreal for Europe, and Vancouver looks like it can be any international modern city. Cities like Vancouver are especially appealing in that they offer a wide variety of locations in close proximity to each other.

Canada’s locations are ideally suited to many of the themes commonly present in today’s car commercials. Be it a fuel efficient smart car zipping around a modern city, a powerful truck hauling a load up a rocky mountain pass, or a luxury car winding its way through a dark green forest pulling into a beautiful modern coastal home. Canada does those looks well.


Animal Actors. Canada is home to unique animals such as polar bears, grizzlies, wolves, elk and bison.

Talent of the human kind is another factor worth pointing out. Canada has a large and experienced pool of multicultural talent. You can shoot multiple versions for both specific markets and multicultural looks.

Talent is also non-union which can make a big difference particularly with talent-heavy projects (versus shooting in the US). Competitive talent costs are one of the key reasons Vancouver and Toronto remain among the busiest production centres in North America.

The Bottom Line

The recent devaluation of the Canadian dollar against major world currencies has vastly improved a visiting production’s purchasing power.

Although Canada is not what you would call a cheap place to shoot, the production value is very high.

Crew & Equipment

Canadian car commercial crews are world class. Precision drivers are easy to come by. You can count on the most technically complicated project to run smoothly. 

Canada also has all of the car commercial equipment including the Ultimate Arm, Technocranes, camera cars and process trailers, car prep companies with trailers and shop on wheels, drone companies with open permits, helicopters and camera mounts.

Finally, car importation is easy. A carnet can be employed or a cash bond through a customs broker.

Hire Crew

If you’re looking for a Canadian production service company specialising in car commercials, please contact us for questions and quotes. We also have locally based car commercial directors, DP’s and stills photographers.