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Film Location: Cres Island, Croatia

Written on April 1, 2014

Cres Island

Cres Island is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea offering picturesque coastal and mountain towns, deserted white sand beaches with azure seas and winding roads through rugged landscapes ideal for car commercials. In contrast to better known Croatian locations, Cres Island offers locations that are easy to control and empty of people, even during peak tourist season. Location permits for beaches, squares and roads are a quick and easy process.

Beaches of note include Mali Bok, Krušćica, Stara Porozina, Kovačine, and Slatina.

Cres Island is located 3.5 hours drive and ferry from Zagreb, Croatia’s main film production centre where local crew and equipment come from.

As well as the many beautiful beaches, locations of note include Lake Vrana, Sis Mountain, Valun, Lubenice and the centrally located town of Cres. Any location on the island can be reached within a 1 hour drive from Cres, where productions are typically based.

Spring is a great time to film in Cres Island for early warm weather looks.

Croatia Production Service Support

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Location images courtesy of Cresanka.