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Film Location: Sammezzano Castle, Tuscany, Italy

Written on February 20, 2016

Filming in Sammezzano Castle

Film Location: Sammezzano Castle, Tuscany, Italy

Sammezzano Castle is a unique location built in the Moorish style known for its intricate geometric patterns and vibrant colours. The castle has 365 rooms, one for every day of the year. Inside you will find a fantastic diversity of hidden niches, corners, windows, columns, labyrinthine paths, arches, vaults and dome. Rooms of note include the White Room, Peacock Room, Hall of Mirrors, Smoking Room, Hall of Lilies, the Stalactites, the Lovers, and also a small chapel.

Sammezzano Castle is located 40km from Florence, Italy. The building is surrounded by 450 acres of beautiful parkland, home to a century-old Tuscan oak tree grove, giant sequoias, and various exotic trees that compliment the Moorish architecture.

Privately owned, the castle is open to the public only once a year. Otherwise, it is available for locked-off filming of all kinds of productions. In the past it has hosted an array of shoots including the 2015 film Tale of Tales.

Producer’s note: The building does not have electricity or water, so those services need to be arranged by production. Sammezzano Castle is also empty of any furnishings so all art department also needs to be brought in.

Film Production Support Florence, Tuscany

Crews and some equipment can come from Florence, with an extensive pool of film crew and equipment based in Milan and Rome.

The closest hotels to sleep crew are 2km away.

By the end of 2016 the castle will change ownership and will no longer be available for filming, so make sure to get in before then!

Contact us if you are looking for a Florence based fixer, service producer or shooting crew.

Film Location -Sammezzano Castle, Tuscany, Italy 01 Film Location -Sammezzano Castle, Tuscany, Italy 02 Film Location -Sammezzano Castle, Tuscany, Italy 03 Film Location -Sammezzano Castle, Tuscany, Italy 04 Film Location -Sammezzano Castle, Tuscany, Italy 05 Film Location -Sammezzano Castle, Tuscany, Italy 06

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