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Film Snowy Mountain Highways in Washington State

Written on December 5, 2016

Washington Snowy Mountain Highways

Mountain highways in Washington that are open during the winter are:

• Hwy 542 to Mt. Baker Ski Area (but not past the ski area to Artist Point).
• Hwy 530 around Darrington (and local roads in the area).
• Hwy 2 over Stevens Pass (very busy highway).
• I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass (multilane interstate freeway, busy).
• Hwy 410 to Crystal Mountina Blvd (ski area access road) is open but not past that.
• CM Blvd.
• Hwy 12 over White Pass
• Hwy 97 over Blewett Pass
• Hwy 20 is closed but on the east side of the mountains it may be open past Mazama.

The road to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park is beautiful but getting permits is very difficult. The same goes for Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park.

Depending on the amount of snow this season, there are several other roads that might be suitable to your project’s needs. Contact us for recommendations.

All the state roads will require a state DOT permit (no cost) and assistance of state patrol officers at $75 per hour. County roads require county permits and county sheriffs. Costs vary.

National Forest permits are required fro the roads through national forest lands.

Snow starts to fall in November and depending on the season may stay on the ground through to June.

Crew & Equipment

Seattle is the closest major production centre where crew and equipment would need to come from. If you are looking for a Washington based fixer, producer, location manager or shooting crew including DoP’s, videographers, or photographers, contact us for referrals.

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