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Filming Cape Neddick Lighthouse in York, Maine

Written on July 12, 2013

Cape Neddick Lighthouse

Cape Neddick (“Nubble”) Lighthouse is a working lighthouse located in York, Maine. It is one of America’s more easy-to-reach picturesque lighthouses being close to major roads and services.

Base camp can be set up in the car park across from the lighthouse.

Depending on the specifics of the shoot, permission to film at Cape Neddick Lighthouse is generally a quick and easy process.

For projects looking to film several lighthouses, Maine is home to fifty-seven active lighthouses and one of the most beautiful, rugged coastlines in the United States.

When To Shoot?

Late July is an ideal time to film with long, warm summer days and cool, sea-breeze evenings.

New England Crew

Standard crew and equipment are available from Portland or Boston, both a short 1hr drive away. If you are looking for a local fixer, service producer or shooting crew, contact us for referrals.