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Car Commercial Road: Mount Tamalpais, California

Written on April 12, 2013

Mount Tamalpais

Mount Tamalpais in California is located a short 1hr drive from San Francisco. The location offers beautiful winding, green, mountainous car commercial roads. Most of the shoots take place on the upper area with the open green rolling hills.

Film Location Permits

Film Location Permits generally take about 5 days to process but it’s a very popular spot for car shoots so best to permit it as soon as possible as that is the only way to hold the location.  There is very little traffic up there during the weekdays so they allow you to do long stretches with complete control.

When to Shoot?

Now is the perfect time to shoot as it’s very green. Around June the rolling hills start to turn golden.

Crew and Equipment

Mount Tamalpais is located only 1hr drive north of San Francisco where most of the gear and crew are based. More specialised equipment, such as the Russian Arm, needs to come in from Los Angeles. Generally, hero vehicles need to be brought in from Los Angeles too.

If you are looking to film in the San Francisco area and require production service support such as a fixer or producer, or are looking to hire a local shooting crew, please contact us for recommendations.