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Filming Los Angeles Car Park Roof Tops

Written on April 15, 2013

Los Angeles Car Park Roof Tops

The city of Los Angeles, California offers an impressive selection of Car Park Roof Tops. All of the displayed locations allow filming seven days a week, night and day. Weekends are preferable as filming on weekdays cost more. Costs range from $3500 – $7500 for weekends and twice that on weekdays.

Car Park Location Permits

All the locations are privately owned so it’s generally quick and easy to permit. 3 days is standard to clear a roof of all cars. Being a hot weather climate, the roof is always the least desirable parking location, so getting permission for full control of the roof is generally not a problem.

When to Shoot?

Los Angeles is great to film in all year round.  December to March gets a small amount of rain with the rest of the year getting almost no rain. Now is a perfect time to film in Los Angeles.

Importing Hero Cars

Clients importing cars from abroad need to either comply with EPA standards or if it’s a non-conforming car they need to get clearance to get a TIB (Temporary Import Bond) through a customs broker which can take up to 6 weeks. If the car company already has approval to bring in cars for presentation use only then it’s just a matter of clearing customs once the car arrives which usually takes 2-4 days. Alternatively, many car models can be found locally in Los Angeles.

Car Commercial Crew & Equipment

Los Angeles has the world’s most extensive and experienced professional car commercial crews with all equipment you could ask for. There is an impressive depth of specialist crew such as picture car drivers and Russian Arm operators.

If you are looking for Los Angeles based production service producer, car commercial director, DP, or other shooting crew, contact us for referrals.