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Film Location: Sardinia, Italy – Fixers, Service Companies and Shooting Crews

Written on January 18, 2016

Film Production Services in Sardinia

Filming in Sardinia

Sardinia is an autonomous region of Italy and the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Located off the West Coast of Italy, it can be reached via many of the major airports in Europe with flights from Rome departing every hour. There is also a ferry departing from Rome Civitavecchia that arrives in the ports of Cagliari, Portotorres, Olbia and Arbatax.

Sardinia has one of the most diverse landscapes of any region in Italy; from unspoilt coastlines to deserts, mountains to valleys and bustling cities, there is no shortage of locations to choose from.

Specific film locations of interest to visiting productions include the Maddalena Archipelago, Chia beach, Neptune Caves, Valle della Luna, and Gorropu gorge. Picturesque towns of note include Castelsardo, Alghero, Carloforte, and Bosa.

Permits for projects that require exclusive use of public space take around 2 weeks to process. Island authorities are very film-friendly. Our Sardinian fixer / service producer will negotiate rates and work to make sure permits are quickly issued.

Filmed in Sardinia. Recent TV shows Alex Polizzi’s Italian Islands and Gino’s Italian Escape. Films include Black Stallion, The Spy who Loved Me, and Padre Padrone. 

When to shoot? Sardinia has year-round sunny, warm weather. August is best avoided both because of the heat and businesses closing down for the summer siesta.

Production Services: Fixers, Crew, Equipment, and Accommodation

Crew and equipment. The capital city of Cagliari has a pool of local crew and equipment. Additional crew and equipment can be easily brought in from nearby European production centres.

Accommodation. There are a number of medium to large cities which are full of accommodation options. There is also an incentive for cinematographic productions that grants large concessions for accommodation and transport, known as the “Fondo Sardegna Ospitalità”.

Contact us if you are looking for a Sardinia based fixer, service companies, or shooting crew such as Sardinian videographers, photographers, and cameramen.

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Images courtesy of Gemma Lynch.