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Flm Location: Nagoya, Japan

Written on September 15, 2017


With over two million inhabitants, Nagoya is the fourth largest city in Japan. It is a major manufacturing, shipping and business hub. Much of the city, including most of its historic buildings, were destroyed in WWII air raids. Today, Nagoya is a wealthy, modern city. It is the headquarters of Toyota, and home to several other important companies including Mitsubishi, Brother, Shinkansen and many others.

Traditional locations of interest to visiting filmmakers and photographers include Nagoya Castle, Temples of Ohsu, Meiji Village, Atsuta Shrine, Shirotori Garden, City Archives Building, City Hall, Yuami no Shima Hotsprings, and Nabana no Sato flower park.

Modern and industrial locations of note include the Nagoya train station, port, airfield, JR Central Towers, Oasis 21, Lucent Tower, Blossa, Isewangan Expressway, SCMaglev and Railway Park Museum, Nagoya City Science Museum, City Art Museum, and Toyota Automobile Museum. The 180-meter-tall Nagoya TV Tower offers some of the best shots of the city skyline. Nagashima Spaland is known to have Japan’s best rollercoasters.

Hitsumabushi is Nagoya’s best known local dish. Other local specialties include tebasaki, misokatsu, misonikomi, and kishimen.

It’s central location makes it attractive for visiting productions to base here. Day trips can be easily made to Kyoto, Takayama, Ise, and the Kiso Valley.

Nagoya Fixer, Producer, & Film Crew

If you require a Nagoya based fixer or service producer for your next shoot, contact us. We are also able to recommend locally based shooting crew including directors, DoPs, videographers, cameramen, and stills photographers. The much larger production service centre of Tokyo, where most crew and equipment are based, is only a 100 minute Shinkansen ride to Nagoya.